Sunflower by Debbie

sunflowerI just love this great crochet sunflower pattern! It was originally posted in 1999 so it definitely has staying power.

I did, however, make some changes in the pattern.

First off, the initial ring was made with a chain of 5 single crochet. I thought it made too big of a hole in the center and quickly ripped it out.

I’m a fan of the magic circle technique. Don’t want to fuss with trying to come up with a tute, but Google led me to this one – how to crochet a perfect circle. That site has some great flowers too, but I’ll leave them for another day.

Anyway, I made the rest of the flower as per the instructions. They were quite clear and there’s really nothing tricky about making this sunflower.

For the leaves, after making the single crochet on the foundation chain, I continued the single crochet all the way around. I think that adds a bit more dimension to the leaves and makes them a bit sturdier.

Overall, this pattern is quick and easy to make and would make a great pin or other adornment. I also think a bunch of these sunflowers would look cool as a hatband too.

Debbie’s pattern can be found here – Debbie’s Crochet Sunflower.



  1. P.S. I didn’t have green yarn the same thickness as the brown and gold. My green yarn was about half as thick as the two primary colors which makes my leaves a bit on the small side for my sunflower.

  2. I noticed that your petals are different than the petals on debbie’s crochet sunflower.. did you use one of the scrunchies pattern for the flower petals?

    1. I’m thinking that the way I did the initial ring could make a bit of difference. I also tend to use crochet hooks at least one size smaller than what is typically recommended for each yarn.

      If you are talking about the leaves, rather than the flower itself, there were two issues there. The only green yarn I had at the time was a thinner weight, so they are a bit small for the flower. The other change I made was that where she makes a single crochet down the backside of the leaf, I continue all the way around the leave to make the edges more even and uniform.

      Not sure if I’ve answered your question or not. Please let me know if I didn’t and we’ll try again.

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