Crochet Flower Ring

crochet-ring-flowerCame across this quick and easy pattern today. Alexandra Smith shared this crochet flower ring pattern on her blog. The link is here…Lola Nova Blog.

You’ll need a thin bracelet or ring and whatever yarn you have on hand. If you had the time and the patience to use a crochet thread or very thin yarn, this might make a lovely bracelet. Using a four-ply acrylic, like I did, makes a flower that’s really too big to wear as a bracelet. Alexandra uses hers as frames for smaller works.

As usual, I changed something on this pattern. My wrists are huge, so the bracelets I had on hand are larger as well. Lola took 49 stitches to go around. I needed 63. The key is ensuring that the total number of stitches is evenly divisible by 7.

Also, something that left me wondering if I had it right or not is when you’re making the flower petals…after making the 7 double crochet group, you’ll make a slip stitch. Skip two stitches means that you do not count the place where you made the slip stitch. Maybe something fairly obvious to most but whether or not to count that stitch was something I wasn’t sure about until I completed my flower.

I don’t have a plan for my crochet flower ring yet. At first I thought it would make a great base for a brooch but mine is simply too large for that. Perhaps, having a child’s bracelet as a base instead of an adult-sized bracelet would


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