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Crochet Flower Ring

Came across this quick and easy pattern today. Alexandra Smith shared this crochet flower ring pattern on her blog. The link is here…Lola Nova Blog. You’ll need a thin bracelet or ring and whatever yarn you have on hand. If you had the time and the patience to use a crochet thread or very thin […]

Spiky Flower

I really like this one, it’s big and floppy and really easy to make. It hides mistakes well too – a big bonus in my book. It did take the better part of an evening while watching The Amazing Race last night. Of course, that show is so cool it may have negatively impacted my […]

Tina’s Rose

This type of crochet rose is quite common. The numbers of stitches might vary but the general technique is similar. I thought to talk about Tina’s Rose because I liked the way she described how to make it. Though she does get a demerit or two for not including a picture. 🙄 The pattern was […]