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Radiant Flower by Teresa

Absolutely love this pattern! The possibilities seem endless. As usual, I did mine a little differently than the original. I used the magic circle technique and made what Teresa calls Row 1 directly onto my ring. That did require a bit of an adjustment – I had to make the chains on the back of […]

Sunflower by Debbie

sunflowerI just love this great crochet sunflower pattern! It was originally posted in 1999 so it definitely has staying power.

I did, however, make some changes in the pattern.

New Adventures in Crochet

I so love making cool things. My favorite’s are usually made with a crochet hook and yarn. My most favorite is flowers. They have to be the quickest, yet most interesting things one can make in crochet. Most make use of the same basic stitches but the way they are put together is what makes […]